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Colloquium on Advanced Materials

Colloquium on Advanced Materials

Colloquium on Advanced Materials

Next Talk Colloquium on Advanced Materials:
October 11, 2018, 5 p.m.:
Contact-free Conductivity Measurements in Organic 2D Materials
Prof. Dr. Mischa Bonn
MPIP Mainz
Colloquium on Advanced Materials

Centre for Advanced Materials

The Centre for Advanced Materials (CAM) is a central research institute (“Zentrale Wissenschaftliche Einrichtung”) of the Heidelberg University and dedicated to basic research in materials science with an initial focus on materials and devices for organic and printed electronics. CAM is not assigned to a specific faculty but reports directly to the President’s Office.

The insitute is dedicated to revealing basic processes related to charge injection, charge transport, electron-hole pair generation and recombination in molecular and hybrid functional materials with the goal to correlate and to ultimately tune physical properties with and by molecular structure, morphology and processing. Hence, the research concept of CAM spans from synthesis of new organic materials their photophysical and morphological characterization in solution and thin films to device processing and characterization, guided and supported by computations and modelling. To fulfil this mission CAM provides state-of-the-art laboratories, a cleanroom for device fabrication, computational resources and a wide range of high-end equipment for material processing and characterization.

CAM is embedded in a comprehensive network consisting of the collaborative research centre “N-heteropolycycles” (SFB 1249), various research bridges via the HEiKA partnership with the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) and the InnovationLab (iL) as schematically shown below.

CAM context

Integration of CAM within Heidelberg University and beyond.


[1] The official notification of the founding of CAM as well as the statutes can be found here: Mitteilungsblatt des Rektors Nr. 19/2011 (PDF).