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The Organic Device Group

The organic device group of the Centre for Advanced Materials deals with the realization and characterization of functional electrical and optoelectronic organic devices. The device portfolio reaches from the common organic light-emitting diodes, field-effect transistors and organic photovoltaic cells to more exotical devices such as light-emitting field-effect transistors. Other novel devices like polychromatic organic light-emitting devices were invented. The focus lies in the understanding of the device operation mechanism and the relation of the electronic properties of the employed materials and interfaces to the final device functionality. Here the group participates by a detailed electrical characterization of materials, interfaces and entire devices. To bridge the individual detailed characterization of materials or interfaces and the overall device performance, the experimental efforts are paired with device simulations that are supposed to take the electrical but moreover the geometrical aspects of a device into account. In the near future the CAM device group will offer a comprehensive experimental characterization ensemble that will provide the required input for a powerful device simulation.

The group is installed as service point for all members of the CAM to realize, investigate and validate their findings and evolutions in the organic device itself.

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